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Thursday , August , 13 2020


Trading the market and winning consistently
is all  about knowing how to play the game!

So many may want to know who is MarketSwingPlayer.  My name is Samantha, I have been actively trading for over 14 years  and have spent most of the years trading stocks.

While trading I worked as a software engineer for many large companies, like Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

I have written many software applications for traders within the corporations as well as other applications.

I worked mainly in the financial industry and have had the experience of working on the trading floor side by side with traders working for the banks also known as institutional investors or the Big Boys with the money.
Over the years, I wanted to find an easier way to trade without having to constantly think about support, resistance or trends. So I developed my own trading system called, “ALGO Advanced Warning Systems by MSP”.  

The system includes indicators that monitor price action based on over 50 different variables. It took me a year to write and tweak my system and it has been highly successful when used trading.

It can detect Fibonacci support and resistance levels based on price action as well as pivot points used by institutional traders.

As I grow, I strive to help others with dreams to be great traders as well. I am just an average person that love challenges and like to win. I am a swing and day trader. I love the market and enjoy talking to others that do as well.

Good Luck with your trades and let’s accomplish our dreams together.